ACCA Sample Videos ATX(MYS) by Mr Hendry Pang

Mr Hendry Pang


Mr Hendry has been teaching for more than 9 years of specialising in management & financial accounting and taxation papers. He was trained as an auditor by Evatt & Co/ Price Waterhouse & Co (now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers) for few years and then moved on to commercial as Chief Accountants. Mr Hendry also has involved with the Institute of Bankers, Malaysia as Registrar (membership/ Examinations). Finally, he has found teaching as his passion and continues to give his best to coach and teach students to pass Professional Qualification exams.

ATX Hendry Pang S2 WB

ATX S2.1 Capital Allowances & Charges – Plant (1)

ATX S2.3 Capital Allowances & Charges – Building (1)

ATX S2.5 Capital Allowances & Charges – Agriculture

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June 18, 2024