ACCA Sample Videos SBR by Mr Haneef

Mr Haneef


Mr. Haneef holds a Master qualification from the University of Newcastle, Australia. He is an affiliated member of the Association of International Accountants. He also holds a Royal Society of Arts qualification majoring in Accounting. He began his academic career in 1986 as a lecturer in financial accounting related subjects. His lecturing expertise in international accounting standards has successfully prepared students for the professional examinations of the ACCA, CIMA & ICSA and degree program.

His students have a good record of winning Best Prize Awards. He is also able to draw from his vast commercial experience to enrich lectures. His lectures are well planned, precise and professionally conducted with particular attention to details.

SBR Lesson 1.1 SBR Class 1 – Review of SOFP (Part 1)

SBR Lesson 1.2 SBR Class 1 – Review of SOFP (Part 2)

SBR Lesson 1.3 SBR Class 1 – Review of SOFP (Part 3)

SBR Lesson 1.4 SBR Class 1 – Review of SOPL & OCI

SBR Lesson 1.5 SBR Class 1 – Review of SOCIE

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June 18, 2024