Our Lecturer Team

Our ACCA courses are delivered by a team of professionally qualified and experienced lecturers.
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Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
Dr Wong Hong Chau
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
Ms Wong Paik Wan
Mr Haneef
Mr Ng Kean Kok
Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
Mr Yoong Mun Yen
Advanced Performance Management (APM)
Mr Chan Tze Kang
Advanced Taxation (ATX-MYS)
Mr Andrew Tan & Mr Hendry Pang
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
Mr Khor Seng Keong

Corporate and Business Law (LW-MYS)
Mr Ramesh
Performance Management (PM)
Mr Hendry Pang
Taxation (TX-MYS)
Assoc. Prof. Faridah
Financial Reporting (FR)
Ms Wong Paik Wan
Audit and Assurance (AA)
Ms Maria
Financial Management (FM)
Mr Yoong Mun Yen

Business and Technology (BT)
Ms Navillah
Management Accounting (MA)
Ms Navillah
Financial Accounting (FA)
Ms Maria


Dr Wong Hong Chau


Dr. Wong obtained his Doctorate and Master degree from Multimedia University and Professional qualification from Malaysia Institute of Corporate Secretariat (MAICSA), Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM). Throughout his career, Dr Wong have lecturing and supervises undergraduate and post graduate degree students in International Business, Strategic Management, Corporate Governance and Entrepreneurship.
Prior joined education industry, Dr. Wong had accumulated valuable knowledge and experience via served various executive and managerial positions in multinational corporations. Among others, America International Group (AIG), Standard Chartered Bank and MBF Card Sdn Bhd. As a practitioner and academician have facilitated knowledge diffusion via translating the theories and principle toward practical application.


Ms Wong Paik Wan


Paik Wan has been teaching for more than 15 years specialising in Accounting and Taxation papers. She has attended various ACCA workshops and seminars organised by ACCA. She has a very engaging personality and lecturing style. Students enjoy her class and she develops a very strong rapport with her students. She is committed towards student success and provide support after classes. She also has produced Malaysia Prize winners.


Mr Haneef


Mr. Haneef holds a Master qualification from the University of Newcastle, Australia. He is an affiliated member of the Association of International Accountants. He also holds a Royal Society of Arts qualification majoring in Accounting. He began his academic career in 1986 as a lecturer in financial accounting related subjects. His lecturing expertise in international accounting standards has successfully prepared students for the professional examinations of the ACCA, CIMA & ICSA and degree program.

His students have a good record of winning Best Prize Awards. He is also able to draw from his vast commercial experience to enrich lectures. His lectures are well planned, precise and professionally conducted with particular attention to details.


Mr Ng Kean Kok


Mr Ng is a Chartered Accountant CA(M), FCCA, ASEAN CPA. He is a member of ACCA Global Forum – Corporate Reporting, and was previously a member of ACCA Malaysia’s Technical Committee. He has more than 25 years of teaching experiences in various courses and professional examinations, covering finance, accounting, corporate governance, business and management related units. Mr Ng also has more than 25 years of advisory, auditing, accounting and company secretarial experience across various industries. Previously, he worked with one of the international accounting firms in the audit and advisory services and covered industries like agriculture, manufacturing, trading, marketing, banking and finance, and construction.


Mr Yoong Mun Yen


Mr Yoong has been teaching for more than 25 years in delivering lectures, coaching and mentoring skills on Advanced Financial Management, Corporate and Business Finance subjects for various professional bodies including ACCA, CIMA and ICSA. By empowering his unique studying approach for professional exams over the past 25 years. He is committed towards student success and provide support after classes. He also has produced Malaysia Prize winners.


Mr Chan Tze Kang


He has been teaching for more than 15 years specialising in Strategic Management Accounting and Strategic Financial Management for various professional accountancy programs including ACCA & CIMA. Being internationally exposed, he has taught in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Uganda. He is committed towards student success and provide support after classes. He also has produced Malaysia Prize winners.


Mr Andrew Tan


He has been teaching for more than 10 years in delivering lectures, coaching and mentoring skills on Taxation. He is a marker for one of the Professional bodies (Not ACCA) and also a moderator for one of the Public Universities. He is committed towards student success and provide support after classes. Being low profile, he also has produced Malaysia Prize winners award with track records of high passing rate.


Mr Hendry Pang


Mr Hendry has been teaching for more than 9 years of specialising in management & financial accounting and taxation papers. He was trained as an auditor by Evatt & Co/ Price Waterhouse & Co (now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers) for few years and then moved on to commercial as Chief Accountants. Mr Hendry also has involved with the Institute of Bankers, Malaysia as Registrar (membership/ Examinations). Finally, he has found teaching as his passion and continues to give his best to coach and teach students to pass Professional Qualification exams.


Mr Khor Seng Cheong

MBA(Finance), CA(M)

Mr Khor, 1st Accounting degree from University of Strathclyde. Scotland and Master (Finance) from University of Leicester, UK. He is also a member of the Associate Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). At the early stage of his career, Mr Khor was the auditor cum receiver attached to one of the BIG four accounting firms.
Mr Khor is the principal lecturer at the university. He taught accounting, finance, management, and business courses at both undergraduate, post graduate levels and professional ACCA course. Mr Khor has been teaching Audit & Assurance, Advanced Audit & Assurance, Corporate Reporting, and related subjects for more than 18 years.
He is a passionate ACCA tutor who helps many ACCA candidates passed their examinations in one attempt. He has produced award-winning students and Top ACCA Affiliates. He teaches in details and makes difficult topics easy to understand.


Mr Ramesh

LLB UK, Master in Law

Mr Ramesh has been teaching for several reputable colleges in both Malaysia and Singapore since 1997. He may be unknown to you as he is based in Johore. Ramesh’s strengths include making the law subject easy to understand with mind-mapping, going through past-years questions, assignments, progress test and mock exam, at the same time understand the requirements from the examiner. He also has written books for ACCA LW Study text and Revision Kit.


Assoc. Prof. Faridah


Assoc. Prof Faridah has been teaching for more than 20 years specialising in Taxation for various Professional Bodies namely ACCA, CAT, ICSA &MICPA. Besides teaching, Faridah is also involved in giving consultancy work in areas of taxation, cash flow management and financial management to the small and medium enterprises (SME) entrepreneurs. She is the author of some publications including Cukai Pendapatan & Anda, Rancangan Kewangan Perniagaan Kecil & Sederhana, Cukai Pendapatan & Perniagaan, Rancang Pendapatan Dengan Bijak, Fundamentals of Malaysian Taxation, and Malaysian Tax. She is committed towards student success and provide support after classes. She also has produced Malaysia Prize winners.


Ms Maria


Ms Maria has been teaching FIA and ACCA qualifications for more than 4 years specializing in financial accounting and auditing papers. She offers a wealth of talent in developing and implementing educational technology tools and applications in the classroom. Proficient in facilitating/coaching by using interactive discussions and “hands-on” approaches, to help students learn and apply concepts. Skillful in bringing about a challenging & innovative teaching/learning atmosphere that empowers the active learner. Highly creative and self-motivated with innovative ideas & concepts for increasing the transference of learning from the classroom and motivating students; designing training and resource materials and delivering in one-on-one and group settings.

Attended educational conferences & training workshops to improve professional competencies. Possess exceptional communication, presentation as well as mentoring skills. Ms Maria also has gained her training with one of the BIG 4.